Systematically targetting Malnutrition:

The rate of chronic malnutrition in children in the world is 22%. In Pakistan, this rate is 38% while in rural Sindh, this rate is 59%. We offer our services in Interior Sindh for now, with plans to expand to Baluchistan and other areas of Pakistan. Most other organizations distribute the sadqa meat in and around the cities. 

Much of the population in rural Sindh is unable to afford meat even once in a year! Their diet is predominantly wheat or rice, with very little protein intake. This lack of dietary diversity is a key contributor to chronic malnutrition. Children who are severly stunted are six times more likely to die in an episode of diarrhea, pneumonia or measles as compared to a healthy child. Meat is an excellent resource for these people, as it provides proteins, iron, and key minerals and vitamins. 

Our distribution network is such that we try to provide meat atleast once a month to very poor households in our coverage areas. We think this will lead to improvement in the health of people, specially children, living in these households. 

Supporting Local Farmers:

We buy goats directly from the local farmers instead of having our goat farms. This brings supplemental income to the farmers.  

Creating Jobs:

Our staff belongs to the same communities we serve, so there is job creation in the remote areas.

Unparalleled transparency:

We provide photographs of the goat, goat owner, and the meat recipients holding a leaflet with your order number, so you have complete confidence that your sadqa meat was distributed honestly.