About Us

My name is Dr. Asad Ali and I am the founder of Taraqqi Enterprise, a social enterprise whose flagship product is sadqapakistan.pk. I am a Professor of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases and my research focuses on childhood infections and chronic malnutrition (stunting) in children in Pakistan. After training at Duke and Vanderbilt University in the United States, I returned to Pakistan in 2008 and have since been fairly successful in my research and academic career. Please see www.asadaliresearch.com for a summary of our active and upcoming research projects. 


I have always been passionate about improving child health in Pakistan. SadqaPakistan.pk aims to use your sadqa to fight childhood malnutrition in remote areas while simultaneously creating jobs and generating revenue for the local community through sale/purchase of goats. A lot of sadqa happens in Pakistan every day, but most of the options involve sacrificing the goat in urban areas. However, malnutrition is much worse in rural areas, and that is where the sadqa meat is most needed. Through SadqaPakistan.pk, we provide you an opportunity to have your sadqa conducted in the highly impoverished settings of rural Sindh. Not only do we distribute the meat to the most deserving people in interior Sindh, we also generate local wealth in the process by purchasing the goat directly from local farmers. Our staff is local from the area, so we generate employment opportunities as well.

I have deliberately kept this company as a social enterprise, instead of a non-profit. Data suggests that non- profits often struggle with sustainability. Social entrepreneurs are primarily driven by a social cause, but keep a small margin of profit so the operation is sustainable. I believe that for the development of Pakistan, we need to have more and more socially oriented businesses. Be assured that the small surplus that will (hopefully) be generated through this initiative will be primarily used back for the expansion of this effort in other areas of Pakistan.


I hope you will support us by ordering Sadqa through sadqapakistan.pk, and inform your friends and family about it. 



Dr. Asad Ali

[email protected]