Flood Relief Ration

Rains have caused great destruction in the poor rural districts of Sindh. While our focus at SadqaPakistan remains on improving the QUALITY of nutrition, in the current crisis, we have temporarily decided to facilitate the distribution of rations to the worst affected families. Please donate through SadqaPakistan, and we will share the distribution photos with you. 
Ration for TEN families

Ration for TEN families

Each of the ten families will receive the following Ration
1. Whear flour -10kg
2. Rice - 5kg
3. Sugar - 5kg
4. Tea - 0.5kg
5. Oil - 2kg
6. Daal Mung - 1kg
7. Daal Chana - 1kg
8. Cake Rusks & Biscuits

9. Potato - 2.5kg
10. Mix Spices
11. Soap -2

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